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**Out of Print**

[36 Plays On A PAGE]

A novel novel. 
A diary. 
A high-flying history.

Utopia Myopia is an academic adult comic book with visions of utopia, dystopia & myopia. Illusions, confusions & conclusions play out over 36 plays. The setting for each play is a piece of paper 81/2”x11”. Characters are listed. Scenes & characters are drawn on the top half of the page, while five columns of type in a newspaper style are set below. The dialogue is kept minimal. A shorthand determined by the number of letterforms per line. Utopia Myopia is a text-message for today's limited attentions spans. A work of art in its own right.

"Apple trees & bobby pins debate things. A CNN app lets Anderson Cooper interview Wittgenstein on Cloud 9, a proud cloud explains letterforms, god DOG & work. WHY discourse, of course & Giotto ANGELS are finally free to possess legs and high-heels in their City of Angeles palm trees. Disagree re. architectural theory, but agree with the glitzy glass lady-shaped high-rise spanning Sunset Boulevard, that heaven is achieved in Utopia Made in Hollywood."


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