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Book - WHY? WHY NOT?



80 Years of Art & Design in Pix & Prose, Juxtaposed.

Lifelines & landscapes from the SF Art Institute, nightclub dancing in NY,  to SF's Art in Cinema & the Hollywood movie scene. 1945 to 1955 was spent studying graphic design in Basel, Switzerland, and then onto a SF design office & painting Supergraphics at The Sea Ranch in the early 60's. Studying architecture at UCB in 1967, to work in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, NY & SF. 

After all this, Barbara became obsessed with 81/2”x11” sheets of white paper. She typed lines, drew lines and created letterforms that lined up into words.

"Words lined up into straight lines. Straight lines, one above another, lined up into columns & stories. Each line & liaison led to the next & related to the rest. I cut-&-paste a lot on more sheets of 81/2”x11” paper and became a knotty Y-NOT-KNOT lady looking on from across the book's binding. Glued, I looked for secrets in white shapes, the precious nothing of wide margins, the white space no one notices between the lines and lies, behind the scenes & in my life."

This is the 80 year career of Barbara Stauffacher Solomon.

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